Making a dream come true

With the launch of El Cavalho By Carolina, we are one step closer to donating proceeds to help as many horses as we can, and it is all thanks to each and every one of you! I simply can not thank you enough for believing that we too can make a difference. Next month we will be announcing the organization that I will be partnering with. I wish I could do even more, however, every penny counts, as someone once said, " Big things have small beginnings." On the personal front, these past weeks have been a roller coaster of incredible experiences, from finally having my three horses with me in NY, to participating in Young Riders, and this past weekend jumping at the 250k at HITS. While challenging to balance school and sports, specially in senior year, it only takes one second on Biggie, or Tiny, or Zabel ...and anything is possible.

I hope that you enjoy the collections, send me pics of you wearing any of our pieces, we love to showcase how beautiful all of you are. Stay tuned to the upcoming New Arrivals, I know you will fall in love with them just like I did. Again, to all those amazing customers who have been there with me during this launch thank you for supporting us in this journey!

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