Walk Pro another dream come true

Many years ago two episodes triggered what today has become a reality, Walk Pro. First, I was about to walk a course when I saw a beautiful rider in crutches standing at the end gate. I looked at her, smiled, and she said, "Ughhh ... this is the part I hate the most! " I assumed she was referring to walking the course and having to memorize all the strides, so I replied back, " Me too!" She shared with me her amazing story of how she dreamed one day of being part of the Paralympic team, all challenges she had to overcome, but how despite it all, she learned to be the strongest person on Earth. I felt humbled, I could have spent the entire day listening to her. That is when I thought to myself...what if there was a way that counting strides could be done easier. Months went by and I continued to watch riders, me included, struggling with striding, so I promised myself I would do something about it. Fast forward and it is late 2017, I immerse myself into augmented reality, coding, artificial intelligence, knowing that literally I HAVE NO IDEA OF ANY OF THESE THINGS! However, month after month, I start learning a bit more, and with the help of many, WALK PRO sees the light. It is now available in the App Store and it helps riders turn walking into striding. It also enables the rider to upload their course photos and store it all in the same place. As our motto goes: " No more forgetting your lines and no more forgetting your strides - Walk Pro-. The best part of this story is that the young rider of my story will never know how she impacted me to the point that she has been in the forefront of my mind ever since. More so, if you surround yourself by people that support you and your sometimes, crazy dreams, things can happen, and will happen. Thank you for reading!

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