WEF 2019

Dear El Cavalho by Carolina customers and friends, I wanted to reproduce a post that I put on instagram just this past week because it truly reflects my sentiment after an unbelievable season. I wanted to thank once again my parents for being there every step of the way. I can't imagine my life without their support. Onto an amazing rest of the year starting back home in NYC!

"As WEF 2019 comes to a close, Una du Keske Z and I jump our first CSI 2*♥️ this horse came into my life when I needed her the most, and in just 5 months has made so many of my dreams come true from winning my first classic @esp_wef to jumping my first 2*. thank you to the team @stormfrontsalesllc which has spent countless hours training me and to which I will be endlessly grateful for una. To my grooms Victor, Ariel, and Chilin who have kept my horses in top form all season! it takes a village, and mine couldn’t be better ❣️"

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