Can't believe it!

Dear customers and friends hi there! Sorry for having taken so much time since my last post but you know there were many great reasons that had my family and I a bit busy these past months! Horses are now in Spain and so am I! I was so lucky and blessed to be accepted at the IE where a finite number of incredible talents from all around the world come together to start their college journey. And as it turns out, I was one of them! I must admit taking over a dual degree is a huge responsibility specially because I am committed to continue to compete at a very high level. IE is hands down AMAZING and so is my new trainer, Alejandro Jorda, a very accomplished ex Olympian, who is teaching me so much. He is such an inspiration when it comes to equestrian mastery. I train in one of the best locations in Spain, where my horses seem to be soooooooo happy! So far we have come in top 4 in both Grand Prix's far so good!

New country, new college, new trainer, new colleagues and friends, but I wouldn't change it for the world..... And now that I am a bit more situated it is time for El Cavalho's next chapter.

Stay tuned to our next adventures, they promise to be something out of this world! And again thank you for always being our support through thick and thin!!!!!!!

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