Spain's National Championships... simply amazing!

So grateful to have been part of this competition, amazing riders from every corner of this incredible Country, the best in the nation, came together for 3 days packed with double rounds and complex designed courses. The designer, a Spanish born expert, who will be setting up courses in Tokyo 2020, made it super exciting, by setting up courses that made each rider have to strategize beyond imagination. I was thrilled to be part of this event and lot of that excitement had to do with Indigo Blue!!!!!! Although I had only owned Indi for over a month and had competed in one other event, still then, he was simply amazing, and made this competition one that I will cherish forever. I want to thank RFHE for putting an incredible event together and specially my Mom and Dad, and family that came to support me, and the grooms and trainers that make this all possible. Can't wait to get in the ring again early 2020!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to wish every single one of you who have supported this cause the best 2020 and I wish you peace, love, and joy so you can fulfill your dreams in this New Year!!!!!!!!!

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